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Bringing an idea into life

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What it is?

This is a coaching programme helping to create a clear and detailed plan for bringing your idea or cherished dream into life.

Clients usually come with the following ideas: start a new business function. Can't start fulfilling certain objectives. How can I fix this?  Create a plan for reaching a turnover of Х. Get the desired job. Work on certain skills (communication, positive thinking) or understand where to head in life.

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How does it work?

5 online sessions lasting 60 minutes. Via Skype, Zoom, Telegram or any other video conferencing software you like.


If you live in Dnipro, Ukraine, we can work in the office.

Meetings are held once a week following a pre-agreed schedule. This is just like a gym session when you need to teach your lazy muscle, aka our brain, to work on developing a plan and continuously maintaining motivation to act on the desired level.


During coaching, I help you focus and see the final picture of your desired result. And then, draw on it to build your action plan.

As we work together for 5 weeks, you will have the opportunity to both create your plan and start implementing it, face the first challenges and work on the emerged barriers during repeated sessions.

Who needs it?

Those who seek motivation to act. Those in need of support. Those who understand what it means to work with a coach and how it helps improve your result.


The cost is $300 and is paid as a one-time payment in advance.

Alina Meller

To make sure I can help you with your request, I recommend holding an introductory video conversation. I will tell you about the process in more detail, and you will share your situation. Then, I will explain the plan of action on your request.

 In a long-term contract, we will conclude an agreement where we are going to include all obligations of the parties and my guarantee of results.

What's next?

Work stages


Contact me via the contact form and specify the platform you want me to use to contact you: a call, a text in the messenger. My assistant or I will contact you within 48 hours during office hours.


We will have a short introductory conversation to discuss all aspects and will agree on our schedule and mutual work.


After the full payment is made, you will receive an invitation link to a call in your calendar for the entire programme duration. We will start working at the specified time.



Let's meet in person

Specify your contact data and a messenger you'd like to use for communication

Thanks for the feedback!

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