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Balance wheel

Our life consists of sectors. Certainly, we find ourselves thinking that there is one important sector, which is our family, or it may be health, self-development or work for others. However, focusing on this sector ONLY, my clients, unfortunately, admit to being not as happy as they would like. Therefore, balance is needed in everything. 

coaching sessions

Coaching is a creative partnership, inspiring clients to use their personal and professional potential to the fullest, often uncovering previously unused sources of imagination, efficiency and leadership.

Modelling your future

Sometimes, we find it so difficult to understand what we want that the most efficient questions hit the “I don't know” zone, and this is where the neurographic drawing technique comes into play. When we look for the desired thing through creativity, rather than logic.

Training mindfulness

Coaching is an elevator that will help you get to the upper floor of your life. But this is not a magic pill. For this, you need to work and transform. By structuring and changing our thoughts, we change our actions. And by changing our actions, we achieve the required result.

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