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About me

Alina Meller


I have been working in the IT sector since 2008. I started my career as the website Support Manager and in 11 years, I was promoted to the Chief Administrative Officer at a major food company where I was in charge of 900 people in 5 different cities in Ukraine and other countries. During this time, I was building a call centre for 170 people, established offices in Cyprus, and moved the company from the Waterfall company model to Agile methodologies. I was building a manufacturing process for a hardware startup in the UK and conducted HR audits in the consulting departments. I was also holding business courses on Scrum and project management and worked with people on a continuous basis, inspiring and motivating the team. I conducted facilitations, strategic sessions and team coaching for my company and the consulting sector.

Education and development

I have two university degrees in Economics and graduated from 4 coaching schools. Lifelong learning is my basic value. This is why when I started 2-day coaching courses in 2017, I could not stop in my professional development, so then, I completed other courses: Isaac Pintosevich's New Coaching Code, Science and Art of Coaching, Erickson Coaching International, Elena Taranima's Art Coaching, Neurographic Instructor, International Coach According to ICF Standards at Moscow school, ACTCH Higher Accreditation Coaching Institute. To help you progress, I need to meet your high demands.

Adult inner

All magic of coaching originates from the personality of the coach. Coach is like a key to the door with your opportunities behind it. And he or she should be right for you. This is why it is crucial for me to find my client, and for you – to find your coach. I am a conscious adult personality, I prefer partner relationships in my family, with my friends and in my work. I will not control you, I am not your parent; I will not give advice, as I am no expert in your life; I will not insult, humiliate or bully you, as I am not a child and I am not competing with you. I believe that you are an adult, too, so you will perform what you promise and will be able to follow the path that we discover behind this door.

Incredible faith in your potential

I believe that every person has potential, which is enough to achieve the desired goal. If you have this thought in your head, it means you have an inside resource to attain it. If my mission is to be an accessory to the transformation of one million people, I am convinced that I have enough strength and resources for this. Yet, I will not cope with one million and one hundred people.


I recommend Alina as an effective coach in achieving personal results. Working with Alina is always: 1. Quickly identifying my personal solution in a particular situation, clarifying the advantages and disadvantages of the solution. 2. An example of love for people and teaching this to the client. 3. Alina's architectural supervision of the client's results. 4. Summary of the meeting. For the first time I meet such an approach and special thanks for it. 5. Professional understanding of the request in business tasks, as Alina has knowledge and experience in managing various resources.

—  Alexandra M.


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