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Addressing challenges

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What it is?

This coaching programme is designed to enable the client to find a solution to a challenging situation.
For instance: should I move or not. Should I quit my job or not? How to find a new job? How to resolve an issue in my business? How to structure a plan? And so on.


How does it work?

3 online sessions lasting 30 minutes each. Via Skype, Zoom, Telegram or any other video conferencing software you like. Sessions take place once a week or more frequently, depending on the request.

Our brain is a lazy muscle, which is trying to save calories, as most of the time, it works within the limits of its experience and knowledge. Therefore, in any situation, it will prefer flipping through already familiar solutions, which are most likely unsuitable. Or it may rest on its favourite cornerstone called “I don't know”.

During coaching, I help people focus and see way more options to resolve the situation, as our abilities are unlimited, and they are restrained by our inner thoughts only. 


Three 30-minute sessions provide an easy and affordable way to try such a tool as coaching.
Since the session lasts only 30 minutes and is held online, it allows for a flexible schedule during breaks between meetings or a lunch break.

This lets the client refocus, restructure and delve into the issue in-between sessions.

Who needs it?

Coaching is great for people who doubt their decisions, can't see other possible options, postpone the decision or just want to give coaching a try.


The cost is $75 and is paid as a one-time payment against the current exchange rate.

Alina Meller

To make sure I can help you with your request, I recommend holding an introductory video conversation. I will tell you about the process in more detail, and you will share your situation. Then, I will explain the plan of action on your request.

In a long-term contract, we will conclude an agreement where we are going to include all obligations of the parties and my guarantee of results.

What's next?

Work stages


Contact me via the contact form and specify the platform you want me to use to contact you: a call, a text in the messenger. My assistant or I will contact you within 48 hours during office hours.


We will have a short introductory conversation to discuss all aspects and will agree on our schedule and mutual work.


After the full payment is made, you will receive an invitation link to a call in your calendar for the entire programme duration. We will start working at the specified time.



Let's meet in person

Specify your contact data and a messenger you'd like to use for communication

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